Coolaid Hair Dye (+How to Make it)

So you’re either too young or too poor to buy actual hair dye. I am both. My natural hair is naturally a dirty blonde 20161116_110305 but after i dyed it, it turned green. 1479411578241311597173

If you have dark hair I am not sure how it will turn out.


1.) Mix a little less than half a bottle of conditioner with 8 single serve packets of Berry Blue Hawaiian Punch mix. (Edit the amount based on what shade of Green you want or if you want Blue)

2.) Thoroughly put the mixture in your as you would regular hair dye. Since it is drink mix and not actual hair dye, let it set for 2+ hours.

3.) Wash it out. When you wash it out, don’t use Shampoo. Also, don’t let the water run completely clear. When you are done, I suggest you blow dry your hair immediately so you don’t worry about staining anything.

There you go! I hope that was helpfull. Comment how it worked for you and show me pics of how it turned out.


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