Journaling or Songwriting

I have a hard time trying to decide whether  or not I want to Journal or songwrite. The thing with me personally is. I usually song write when I am sad or mad. I suck at writing any other kind of songs. That’s probably why when I was in middle school I was able to pump out like 5 songs a day. My life in middle school wasn’t exactly sunshine and rainbows. I recently picked up journaling. When I journal I just write about my day and my thoughts. Drawing a line between what thoughts make good lyrics and what ones don’t is really hard for me because I am always trying to find inspiration for some good lyrics. If you’re writinga song  i suggest you write from the heart. If you’re new to song writing, don’t worry too much about rhyming. Just get your emotions on paper then rhyme. I found a way that makes song writing easier. I write lyrics in the moment, and my journal before bed. That may not work for everyone but that’s what I suggest.


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