Dead Ringer

So, all you Metal Heads out there reading this is going to LOVE this band. L-O-V-E this band. I like the Instrumentals best, but mainly because I am not too fond of the whole unclean vocals thing. If I was, it would probably be on the top of my Playlist. Dead Ringer is a Canadian band, specifically, the most I know is th bassisr is in Portaige la Prairie I don’t know why, but all the best bands come from Canada. Dead Ringer isn’t  a super popular famous band like the bands I have spoke about in previous posts, but they are super dope. They deserve to be one of those bands who are playing with the big leagues. I don’t know too much about any of the members except for their bass player. 20160426-002 (I got the pic of his metal amino. Which is also where I met him). He is like, my most trusted friend. He can play tons if instruments. WAY more than I can. I also totally pulled off asking him about his restaurant subtly… No I didn’t. Anyways, his restaurant’s name is Mid City Restaurant. It’s in Portage la Prairie, but I failed to find it in Google maps. I would tell you about the food if I could but I never been more than 20 feet past the boarder between Michigan and Canada. I’m sure the food is great though. But seriously check them out I’ll leave a link to their Youtube and to their bassist’s instagram. Have fun!

YouTube: Dead Ringer




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