Icon for Hire

Icon for hire is personally one of my favorite bands. Icon for Hire is a pop punk band that started in Illinois in 2007. They were signed to Tooth and Nail records and left the them in 2015. A lot of people were angry with the direction the band was choosing to go. They lost two members, not to internal conflict but due to the members thinking that’s what was for the best. Icon for Hire’s current members are Ariel (REL) Bloomer. 3842f9cace9a3e638865ce2c2f22be47 She is the lead singer and pianist. She makes and sells clothes and she also has a YouTube channel. There also is Shawn Jump.screenshot_2016-11-17-09-32-55-1 Shawn is the guitarist and producer of the band. Ariel and Shawn met when Ariel was 18 and there is a rumor on the internet saying they are married, I won’t say if it’s true or not though. Icon for Hire has released 2 albums soon to be 3. The albums are Scripted and Icon for Hire. There nex album they are working on which is due to be released on November 25th 2016. So I hope you all enjoyed it. I suggest you check out their social media, their music, and Ariel’s fashion.

Ariel’s Instagram

Shawn’s Instagram

Icon for Hire’s Instagram

Custom Catastrophes

The REL Show


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