The band Halocene released a song called Savages two weeks ago and music video one week ago. I just now heard the song and seen the music video. It was a great song. However at the beginning of the song i was a bit worried it was going to be sort of like Heaven Knows by The Pretty Reckless. It sort of had that chant feel. I was happy when it took a turn from that chant vibe and I was really happy that it wasn’t basically another version of Heaven Knows. I would have been sad since I have been listening to the band for a while now and I know how well they can play and how talented they are.  By the end I was dancing and headbanging to it. The music video seem simple but it is really well put together. My favorite part was when Addie (I think that’s her name, this isn’t a very big band that runs the world so correct me if i am wrong please) was on the car with the Bullhorn.screenshot_2016-11-23-11-17-00 Her outfit is really adorable and I just love everything about those scenes. I also really enjoy the scenes with the flare. Over the song is about an 8 out of 10. I would highly suggest you guys check them out.


Halocene’s Instagram



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