How to find good Fanfiction

I, like many other fangirls have read at least one fanficfion to see what it was like. For me, I have probably read hundreds of fanfictions. So this is about how to find decent fanfictions.

Rule number 1: Stay away from One-Shots

“What is a one-shot?” You may ask. It is where someone writes as much as they can in one sitting and never touch the thing again. The thing that frustrates me about one-shots is when they’re good and you want more.They’re almost as bad as the SUPER short fanfictions.

Rule number 2: Stay away from fanfics under 10 pages.

 I have tons of super short fanfictions. This rule only applies to regular fanfictions, not smuts. The issues with super short fanfictions is everything is rushed though, the storyline is usually terrible or not as thought out as it could have been. 

Rule number 3: If the fanfiction is not completed, check the last edited time stamp.

I ran into this issue many times. I’m reading an amazing fanfiction and it gets to the end and low and behold, it wasn’t worked on at all since 2006.

Rule number 4: avoid “x band”

I read ONE “reader x band” and I never read another one since. This happened when I was first getting into Hollywood Undead, and I started looking into fanfictions for them. I saw a decently long, completed fanfic. I had NO clue what was going on. Within the first 10 pages I slept with the  entire band. INCLUDING my brother (blech).

That’s all the advice I have to give. If you have any more feel free to commnt. 


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