Running a Fan Instagram Account Anonymously

I along with being a fanfiction author, musician, and regular author, run a fan instagram called I fallow the guy who blocked me so I wanted to be anonymous.

1.) Band Pictures

It’s kind of obvious but you need TONS of bans pictures, with my standard Instagram I fallow ALL of the fan accounts so I tend to screen cap the pics, and I also look at TONS of band pics on Google.

2.) Competitions

If you’re running an account for multiple bands, have band face offs like (Icon for Hire vs. In This moment) and have your followers vote for what band.

If you’re running an account for just one band have people vote on what songs they like best. Like (Hollywood Whore vs. Hope for the Hopeless).

3.) Post Regularly

Post daily or every other day. You need to insure that you will have pics of people’s favorite bands on a regular basis because let’s face it, we’re all some level of crazy stalkers for our favori bands.


Don’t be scared of the hashtags it’ll bring people to your account faster. So spam those hashtags as long as they’re relevant to the bands.

5.) Always ALWAYS tag bands and band members

When you tag someone they get a notification that they’ve been tagged. I have gotten several likes on posts from Matt Brandyberry from From Ashes to New just because I tagged him.

There you go, use with this advice how you want, if you have any other advice feel free to comment and I may make a part 2 in the future.


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