So your best friend is a musician…

So… Your best friend is a musician. So is mine. This is how you help support and push them. 

A little info on my best friend. He is one of the most dedicated men I know and I love him, not in the smoochy smoochy way (I may have a crush on him but that doesn’t matter he has a girlfriend) but more of the this guy is my best friend way. 


Tip One: Mention their band

I do this ALL the time on my YouTube channel. He is in Two bands, When Chaos Reigns, and Dead Ringer, I’ll be linking those at the end. I also talk about his band on various Amino communities, on Instagram, and I blog about it, I actually made a blog about Dead Ringer. That’ll also be linked.

Tip Two: Ask about their music

I do this a lot. This links to what I said about him being dedicated to his music, this past Friday, both his bands played. Which he said was fun. Any who, this blog is just another sad excuse to talk about him. I tend to ask about his bands and he actually gave me singing tips so I don’t destroy my throat (1.) That’s what she said; 2.) I fail to take his advice).

Tip Three: Go to their Shows

 Okay so If I lived near him I would totally go to his shows. The thing is… He lives in Canada, and not even close to Michigan. I looked into it… It’s a 17-19 hour drive to his city… And I can’t drive yet. CURSE BEING 16. Any who… Go to their shows and show your support.

Tip Four: Sport the Merch 

I don’t sport Dead Ringer or When Chaos Reigns gear mainly because I no longer believe in band merchandise. That’s for a different blog, but in short, I own two band shirts from teem angst from being 14, and I don’t feel paying to advertise is right. Anyways sport the band’s logo.

Anyways  check out my best friend’s bands. 

When Chaos Reigns 

Dead Ringer

DeadRingerDagWagon (aka my best friend)

Dead Ringer Blog 


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