Are you Obsessed with a Musician?

If you’re asking yourself this, you probably are obsessed. Although if you’re unsure, you’re about to be sure.

Do you find yourself looking at pictures of them often?

If you’re looking at pictures of the musician, even if they are taken from bad angles. Or if you managed to get your hands on some rare pictures.

Do you defend their darkest deeds?

I can’t speak for you, but my musician’s darkest deed is cheating, doing drugs, I used to defend him, I used to say that it didn’t make him a bad man. Then he admitted he was a bad man.

Do you get jealous of their partners?

If you find yourself resenting the fact they have a love life that isn’t with you, then this is a hint you’re obsessed with them. So if you hate their lovers because of something as them accidentally cheating while they were drunk 15 years ago, yeah that’s a tad bit obsessive.

Are you reading or writing fanfiction?

I you find yourself indulging in a made up world where the musician is in love with you, or writing your sick and perverted fantasies about them, that’s a hint you’re obsessed, I have written over 60 fanfictions. I know I am a weird stalker fangirl.

Do you fallow them on all social media outlets, even ones they don’t use?

I only have Instagram and Google Plus, but I fallow all existing accounts with their names. Even if they haven’t been used in 3 years.

Do you obsessively fallow fan accounts?

If you’re obsessively fallowing fan accounts just to be able to see them, you my friend, are obsessive.

So are you obsessive? Let me know in the comments.


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