Interview with Addie Amick

I love Halocene, I have tons of respect and admiration for Addie and she agreed to answer some of my questions.

Me: What’s the scariest thing about being onstage?

Addie: People not being into what you do. Performing is fun and all, but it’s a two way street. If the crowd ain’t feelin it, neither are we.

Me: When performing, is there a song you look forward to playing?

Addie: Our biggest songs, Sometimes Rock n Roll, of even a cover that tons of people are into. We love making people happy and seeing them get into our music is the best feeling you could ask for.

Me: What’s the hardest thing about touring?

Addie: I don’t think there is any one difficult thing, it’s just a combination of a bunch of things. At one point on tour we were stuck on a bus – 12 of us – in New York City for two weeks with no shows. It was winter so it was freezing, and it’s NYC so we were all broke and couldn’t afford to do anything, include eat anything other than ramen and PB&J sandwiches. We spent all day and night inside that bus. The band almost broke up during that time, but realizing we made it through that together only made us stronger. We wrote a song about that situation – Tell Me What

Me: Who are your biggest musical inspirations?
Addie: We all differ in our musical taste. I was raised on the 80s rock scene; Motley Cruel, Aerosmith, etc. But Avril Lavigne really made me feel like i could be in a band. I quickly got into My Chemical Romance, Blink 182, Chiodos, and like while simultaneously loving pop music as well. I listen to pretty much everything now.

Me: What are something’s you wish you knew before your first tour?

Addie: How little money we’d make. Just hoping we’d make enough to get our next meal. I think we kind of knew that, but it was much more difficult than I expected.

Me: Do you have any funny stories about being on the road?

Addie: One time we randomly encountered a famous individual, that shall remain nameless… They straight up tried to get in my pants. I still have his phone number in case I get a brilliant prank call idea.

Me: What was your favorite video to record? I’m personally a fan of “Rock N Roll”.

Addie: Awesome, thank you! That video would have been a blast but it was over 110 degrees and no AC… so, that sucked. I O our video for our cover heathens was so much fun cause we got to act & really do some story telling. Just filming it we knew we were doing something special, and now it’s our most viewed video ever. Pretty Sweet)

Me: If you could play with any bands, who would they be?

Addie: Logically, my answer tends to be Paramore, just because I think we tend to have a lot of fan crossover, plus they’re all very talented. I think touring with Terabrite would be tons of fun. And I mean, we played with Blink 182 once and they’re goofballs like us so that dynamic is great too.

Me: Is there anything you would redo with your music?

Addie: I’m not sure if you mean music, like our songs, or our musical career. We are really mad at ourselves for not sticking with YouTube more early on. After making a few covers in the early days we got discouraged because we saw how many other people were doing it. But if we’d just stuck with it I think we would have been much bigger than we are. But, it’s never too late and we refuse to give up. It’s been a steady incline and we’re really happy with how nice everyone has been to us.

Me: Do you have any Advice for young musicians?

Addie: Set goals, but don’t let that close doors to other opportunities. Obviously I love my band. I want that to be what I do. But I pay the bills singing on toy commercials, EDM songs, and playing in a top 40 corporate cover band. I have the best life ever and even though I’m not playing the Superbowl like 10 year old Mr had hoped, I’m unbelievably happy.

I absolutely loved interviewing Addie. I hope I can interview her again one day.

Addie’s Instagram

Halocene’s Instagram

Halocene’s YouTube Channel


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