The Stranges Interview

Hey! I tried making it to Sunday to post this interview, but I couldn’t wait. I love this band too much to wait. I got the honor of interviewing the Stranges, They’re in my top 5 favorite bands. 

Me: I am a huge fan of the madness music video, was it fun to record?

The Stranges: It was really fun to do the music video of Madness! We really enjoyed it. The whole idea and making of is made by the band itself so it is really cool to see our ideas come to life. Experiences like that are the ones that bonds us as musicians and friends. 

Me: What is your favorite songs to play off Mad House?

The Stranges: They are all really fun to play, but we must confess that we like Vendetta, Perfect lover, The only one and Not the end the most. 

Me: What is your inspiration for the madness music video?

The Stranges: We are big fans of horror/sci-fi/suspense movies, games and series. For this video we mostly got inspired by American Horror Story.

Me: Do you have any funny stories about recording or performing?

The Stranges: We have so many we don’t even know where to begin! For instance, when we were recording the underwater scenes for the Madness video, it was really funny because most of us didn’t even know how to talk underwater. So when we had to sing along it got really messy and we laughed a lot. Our guitar player, who suffers from claustrophobia, really had to make an effort. 

Me: Who are your musical inspirations?

The Stranges: Every musician in the band has different inspirations, but we can say that for the whole thing we got inspired by bands like Bring Me The Horizon, In This Moment, Nothing More, Otep, Katatonia and Killswitch engage. 

Me: I am in love with the song Perfect Lover, what was the inspiration for the song?

The Stranges: This song is about a young person that is bisexual and is judged because of his/her preferences and is therefore locked in our MADHOUSE. Which shouldn’t be like that. Everyone has the right to love who they want. 

Me: If you could be remembered for anything what would you want to be remembered for?

The Stranges: We would like to be remembered as the band you liked to sing along during traffic or during a concert, singig out loud and having the best time. 

Me: Do you have any advice for other musicians?

The Stranges: Work hard. Relentlessly. It is a very difficult job and you’ll have to be patient. Also, instead of criticizing other similar bands, join forces and make even greater gigs/shows. 

I absolutely loved doing this. I have tons of love for this band, I actually like American Horror Story and In This Moment Is another band in my top 5. I also am bisexual and that song kinda resonated with me. Please put me in the mad house with the Stranges! Also Please check out theirYouTubee Channel they’ll be releasing a music video for their song Vendetta.

The Stranges Instagram


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