How to pick songs to work out to

Hey guys, It’s me Morgan. I’ve been working out as of recently, and I find it’s sometimes hard to pic the right songs to work out to. Sometimes it’s all about your mood on that day. For me even outside my workouts music is based on mood.

When you need to work out, but you’re not feeling it, or you’re sore from a previous workout day, and you want to just lay around and mope, you need to pick songs that have made you feel motivated. For me, the songs that motivate me are…

Supposed to Be – Icon for Hire
Make a Move – Icon for Hire
Crooked Teeth – Papa Roach
Silence is the Enemy – Papa Roach
Dove and Grenade – Hollywood Undead

When I am down to work out I tend to pick songs that make me feel pumped and helps me ignore the burn. Some songs that pump me up are…

I Will Show You – From Ashes to New
Up in Smoke – Hollywood Undead
How We Roll – Hollywood Undead
Blood Brothers – Papa Roach
State of Emergency – Papa Roach

A big issue I had was wanting to listen to some of my favorite songs, a lot of the! aren’t exactly get pumped and work out songs. Hope this helps you!


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