Members leave From Ashes to New

Hey guys, Morgan here. It has come to my attention Chris and Tim have left the rap rock band, From Ashes to New. I don’t know any sort of specifics yet but according to Tim Donofrio “Over time, there were were too many toxic and negative elements that came with FATN that I could no longer over look. Ultimately, the aforementioned aspects outweighed the happiness that playing drums brings me which led to my decision to remove myself from the equation.” It does not say if there was an internal dispute at all, but please do not assume the worst, he goes on to say many great things. Chris Musser goes on to say “I still love doing it but being on stage is just a small part of our day (of what we do) and off stage there has grown to be too many negative aspects to all of this, I feel like Im becoming less and less like myself, this has become no longer a positive this for me. With all of that and my depression and anxiety stacked on top of it, this has become a not so healthy situation and I need to stay true to myself and I have to do what’s good and right for me.” Again, do not assume the worse he goes on to say nice thing. I am sad to see them go, by I understand where they come from. They need to do what makes them happy and what makes them feel good. They will be missed.Please show them nothing but support. Tell me how you feel about the members leaving! 



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