Interview with Daniel Graves

Hey guys, I managed to get an interview with Daniel Graves. Which is pretty insane because I love his music. He was made known by Aesthetic Perfection.

Me: I am in love with your Love like Lies Music video, what inspired it?

Daniel: Most of my art deals with the internal struggle between who I am and who I want to be. “Love Like Lies” is a visual representation of that struggle. I worked with Clint Carney (System Syn and Director of Dry Blood) to create a concept that would show what it is that’s really going on inside my head. 

Me: What was your favorite costume from the Love like Lies video?

Daniel: Tooth King. Absolutely. That was the main anchor character for the concept. It’s based on a sculpture by my dear friend Armik Davalokhanian. He made it a few years ago and I fell in love with it. We decided to do a photoshoot based around it, which ended up being the cover art for the single, and then expanded on it to make the video. 

Me: What was your favorite music video to record?

Daniel: I had a lot of fun making The Dark Half. Just a few friends in the California desert with no idea what they’re doing, but doing it for the love of art. 

Me: When did you realize that you wanted to make music?

Daniel: When I was really young, I wanted to be an actor. I was pretty sure that would be my path until I turned 12 and discovered music. That was the real turning point for me where I lost all interest in acting and decided music was my calling. 

Me: Do you have any funny stories about touring?

Daniel: A million. The thing about that question, tho, is that I can never remember anything good when it’s asked. Of course, I’ll hit “send” on this email and something will pop into my mind and I’ll internally scream “FUCK! That was a good one. Why didn’t I say that?” Touring sort of normalizes the abnormal and things you would typically consider “crazy” just seem like every day stuff. The world is very different on the road. It’s very weird coming home and trying to be a regular person again. 

Me: Do you think fans have written fanfiction about you? Have you looked for any fanfiction?

Daniel: I haven’t seen anything but I’d love to read it. Would be very very odd. 

Me: If you could play with any musicians who would they be?

Daniel: I’d actually rather work with producers I admire. People like Quincy Jones or Skrillex or Max Martin. 

Me: Do you have any advice for young musicians?

Daniel: If you want to be in this business it has to be for no other reason than a love of music. If you think you’re going to get rich or get laid or live a life of luxury, you’re wrong and you’re in it for the wrong reasons. Be prepared to suck, be prepared to suffer, be prepared to be humiliated, be prepared to learn and grow from all these things and not let them break you down. I guess that could be said about life in general, but it’s how I view music…

This was insanely exciting for me but I managed to keep my fan girlness at bay. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to interview him again, do you have any questions for him? Comment what they are.


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