Don’t Judge Based on Music

I used to be guilty of this. I used to think if you liked pop music you were automatically a douche. I have grown up more and. you’re a douche you’re a douche outside your music tastes. I still feel awkward when someone likes pop music, not because they’re douches, because my entire life is alternative music. I run this blog for alt. people and teens. I grew up with alt. music. I try my best to look like a mix of tomboy and punk rock. So there is really no crossover with the fandom’s. Just avoid judging and try your best to expand your horizon. A lot of alt. teens claim that they don’t want to be judged by “populars” and “jocks” but them go judge those people. In the end it’s music and it reflects our story.It reflects how we feel. Music is the soundtrack of our lives, don’t judge others because their playlist isn’t like yours.


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