Stood up for an Interview

Hey guys, it’s Morgan, and I finally gave up getting a reply from a band. I’m not going to say their name because I don’t need those problems on my plate, I already have enough issues in my personal life right now, but I was stood up by a band, I emailed them asking them for an interview and they basically said “Sure, email us the questions.” So I did email them the questions not even an hour later, I waited a day, waited a week, and it has been almost 2 months since and they still haven’t replied. It sucks being stood up, especially since I am so dedicated to this blog, I want to make interesting content for you guys. Plus they agreed that they would do the interview and then never got back to me, luckily I got a last minute email from another band I contacted and I managed to get an interview up that week. So I just wanted to tell you guys that and sorry I haven’t been super active lately, I just moved and it has been really hard getting unpacked, I do have an interview lined up I just need to finish the questions and email them back.


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