So your Best Friend is Musician pt. 2

So your best friend is a musician, so is mine. Well mine is the coolest guy ever. Being friends with a musician isn’t that hard, probably easier than having non musician friends. Well for me it’s easier… Any who! My best friend is in two metal bands, When Chaos Reigns and Dead Ringer, they’re both pretty dope. I always go out of my way to be like, “Hey check out these bands, my best friend is the bass player.” I have a YouTube Channel so I always shout him out and make link his band on all my social media. If you have a friend who is a musician, try to go to their show’s, I wish I could go to my friend’s shows, he lives 1,200 miles away from me so it’s kind of, you know, not easy for a 16 year old to travel that far but hey, once I can and I will. When your best friend is a musician make sure to listen to all their songs and watch their videos, as much as I have a distaste for his music, it’s not bad I swear, just not my speed, I always watch every one of the videos the bands upload. Try your best to stay on top of what’s going on with their band/s. I make sure to try to keep myself updated on where they’ll be playing just in case they are actually somewhat near where I’m at. Be helpful, give them your honest opinion, to pretend to love it when you don’t he knows I don’t like the music personally, but for the genre they are, they’re pretty dope.


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