Benefits of being an Anonymous Musician

I have a music channel on YouTube that I make music for and I run it anonymously. I’m here to tell you the perks of making music without anyone knowing who you are.

PERK ONE: You don’t have to worry about looks

No matter what you identify as, Girl, Boy, Gender Neutral, when being on the internet there is always the pressure to look good, and if you’re under certain communities, you have to look a certain way or you’re not part of that specific community, running something anonymously leaves you with the ability to sit around in your pajamas all day and not put on any make up, or if you’re a dude you don’t need to put effort into the bedhead look, trust me I rock a pixie cut and I know what you dude go through.

PERK TWO: No sexism, racism, or homophobia

Like it or not, as much as some people say that sexism and racism isn’t real anymore, it is. Being a female who released music as a female, publicly letting people know my interests and everything like that, people tend to judge me based on that. I released a song called flaws and I was compared to other female musicians, I was called “another edgy white teenage girl”. Making music anonymously will help remove some of those judgments. People can’t judge you for your gender, race, or sexual preferences if they don’t know that.


People love mystery, and let’s face it, if you develop a fallowing people will start really wanting to know about you, they’ll want to know everything about you. This can leave room for tricks, you can dress up in drag or get a friend and use them as a profile picture for a while then switch out friends to use as profile pictures or just as video stand ins. You’d be able to watch people guess who the real musician is.

PERK FOUR: No fans can jump you.

I’ve read about musicians meeting fans in public and taking photos and it getting posted about. If you’re anonymous, you don’t have to worry about your privacy get violated by fans. You can go about your day in peace knowing that no one knows that secretly you’re a hardcore musician.

PERK FIVE: No real drama.

You know what I’m talking about, everyone waiting for you to do something stupid in public, let’s face it, that day WILL come. You don’t have to worry about your name being ruined because the only name getting ruined is a stage name and then you’d just have to wait for the next celebrity screws up and then all the heat is off you.

Does this make you want to be an anonymous musician? Let me know in the comments.


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