Writing and EP

So I wrote an EP and I thought it would be much easier than it was. I thought it would be easier because some of my favorite bands and musicians can pump out a song every week. Well it took a lot more than that and I was seriously having some serious anxiety about it. I was scared my music would be bad so I was sharing it with close friends. There are something that I learned for my next EP and I want to share what I learned with you.

1.) Give yourself time to write

When thinking about writing an EP you need to give yourself time to write enough songs and make sure you enjoy the flow of lyrics and the melody, I didn’t give myself enough time so I just had to put it out.

2.) Make sure the songs sound good together

When writing my EP I put together random melodies for each song and you couldn’t tell that all the songs were belonging to one EP, they should all flow together. That the fit the title of the EP.

3.) Share the music with close friends

Sharing your music with your close friends will help you improve on the little things. Especially if your friends are musicians like mine, even if they aren’t they can give you their personal opinion as a listener, not a fellow musician, just as a viewer.

4.) Post on all social media!

I used instagram and Facebook to share my music and instagram brought in the most views and subscribers. It also notified my friends about when my music was released.

5.)Make time for multiple recordings

I thought I had my vocals down pretty well, but surprisingly I would stammer or stumble. I also found other ways to sing a part and recorded it that way. So I was surprised when it took a while to record all the lyrics. So put aside a day for recording each song and find ways you like better and make sure you get your lyrics perfect.

I hope this helped you if you wanted to write an EP. I would have loved to know this when writing my first EP. I hope this helps you all.


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