Comparing Yourself

As a musician and having musician friends, tons of them, I tend to find myself thinking I’m not as good as them. I always compare myself to them and wonder, what would they do in this situation. I always am comparing my skills to theirs, even if they aren’t singers or electronic musicians. I have a friends who says he can’t sing and has a bad voice and I still find myself thinking, he probably sings WAY better than me. I have a friend who does everything and I find myself just hating him for the fact that he’s so talented and I’m not that talented. I end up pushing myself really hard to feel like I’m at least in the same league as them. The thing is, just because I don’t sound like them, or I’m not in the same style as they are, doesn’t make me less of a real musician as they are. I want to have my own sound and trying to be like them won’t get me my own sound. Don’t compare yourself to others because the more you compare yourself the more you lose your individuality.


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