Faruk Coban Interview

I am interview one of my friends who is the guitarist of the Belgium originated band, Almaniax. So let’s hope you enjoy!

Me: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Faruk: As a guitarist?

Me: As a musician, who made you push yourself?

Faruk: I am very influenced by neo metal bands because its t genre I like most. I generally listen to stuff like Papa Roach, Deftones, LP (Linkin Park), Korn, Ratm, and I created a riff like that, I do neo metal too. 

Me: Awesome!

Faruk: Of course I listen to other stuff too not only neo metal 🙂

Me: How old were you when you first learned guitar?

Faruk: I was 18, and I am now 22 and I play in a band since 1 year:) the band is Almaniax and it’s an alternative rock band.

Me: Do you have a favorite song to play?

Faruk: Yeah I love to play the song Techno Victim from Almaniax and I love to play Papa Roach’s songs like Infest, None of the Above, or Face Everything and Rise.

Me: Good choices, Techno Victim is also an amazong song. Do you ever get nervous about going onstage? Have you ever gotten nervous onstage?

Faruk: I’m very  nervous before the stage but after the first song, I’m generally fine ans not nervous 🙂

Me: Do you have any tips for others who get nervous?

Faruk: Not Really… I just work very much for being a little less nervous.

Me: That’s fair. What was it like the first time you got onstage?

Faruk: I was really nervous, but I played good, I was really motionless onstage… Like a fridge haha. But I played my part well. It was my forst experience on stage.

Me: Well it’s great you played well. Who’s your faborite guitarist?

Faruk: Jerry Horton from Papa Roach, because he moving very good on stage and ’cause he creayed stuff like infest. 🙂

Me: Do you hope to one day be as popular as him? Or are you happy where you are?

Faruk: I play Guitar  cause I love it, it’s not a marketing process. But yeah if I can be famous when I do what I love… Why not? 🙂

Me: That’s great, not a lot of musicians play because they love what they do anymore.Well that’s all my questions. Do you have any final words for this imterview?

Faruk: Well… I wamt to say thank you for this interview and your support, and I hope to see you maybe one day on stage :).

Me: Well you’re an amazing musician. Maybe you will. 🙂

It was really awesome to interview Faruk. Check out his instagram, his blog, and his band. 

Faruk’s Instagram

Faruk’s Blog 



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