Interview with Lance Dowdle

Sorry this interview is a little late, I lost everything I had on it because of my tablet wigging out. Anyways I got to interview one of my all time favorite guitarists, Lance Dowdle of From Ashes to New. One of my all time favorite bands. So here I go with the interview!

Me: First Question… How old were you when you first developed a passion for music?

Lance: My dad is a well known sound guy so I’ve always been exposed. I never got into the guitar world until I was a freshman in high school.

Me: What inspired you to pick up guitar?

Lance: I went over to watch my friends practice and just knew I had to join their band.

Me: Lol Please tell me that band was From Ashes to New! Do you think fans will ever write fan fiction about you guys?

Lance: Nah that would mean FATN has existed for like 17 years. I dunno about fan fiction, but I enjoy all the anime drawings and other artwork I’ve seen of myself. There are some talented people out there! I suck at drawing stick people so I give them props lol.

Me: Awww if there ever was Lance fan fiction would you be open to reading it for my blog if you had some time to kill? Haha that would be so awkward and funny.

Lance: I can only imagine Lance fan fiction would involve a potato. I’m already over that “phase”.

Me: Lol a potato?

Lance: Ever since Matt called me a potato on Facebook live that’s all I read in the comments. It was kinda funny at first, but now I would prefer to be a different food product.

Me: What kind of food product?

Lance: Well if you are what you eat, I would have definitely morphed into a zebra cake by now.

Me: Time to contact my fan-girl friend to write fan fiction about you turning into a zebra cake. I will have her hunt for Lance fan fiction though. See if it is about a potato and plus have you seen those kawaii potato memes?

Lance: Can’t say that I have.

Me: Well there are kawaii potato memes and they’re cute potatoes.

Lance: I mean I would hope everyone would at least considered me as a Kawaii potato and not some mutant deformed freak potato.

Me: You’re not a mutant potato, you’re a (I assume) cuddly zebra cake. Now off the whole fan fiction and food topic, totally not because I’m getting hungry. Why do you wear a mask?


Lance: ‘Cause I’m an ugly hideous freak, duh. I’m a nerd I love video games and anime… So I want to have some type of on stage persona to separate myself from other bands and it allows me to be an actor of sorts… I’m a pretty mellow guy but you might not think so from seeing me on stage.

Me: I was about to say I find you pretty hot. That’s pretty cool though, bringing your nerdiness out in that way. What kind of games do you play?

Lance: Look at you being all smooth. I haven’t been able to play a lot lately since we’ve been writing and recording for the past few months. I love rpg’s like Dark Souls and Final Fantasy. Just downloaded the Witcher last night. Shooters are ok. I play overwatch a good bit. I prefer games with a great story though.

Me: Have you played any of the tell tale games like Life is Strange or The Walking Dead games? Also, I’m the opposite of smooth.

Lance: Ummm I saw that Life is Strange was free on PSN but never downloaded it. Should I?

Me: YES!!! I personally love that game. I will assure you that you will cry several times in that game. What’s the craziest thing a fan has done?

Lance: What games do you like?? Let me think…

Me: I like a lot of zombie games, first person shooters, stuff like that.

Lance: I actually don’t think anyone has done anything that crazy YET. Dead Rising?

Me: Yep. Are you a PC or Console gamer?

Lancer: Ps4 and Xbox. My friends at home are PC gamers, so I’ll hop on steam when ever they come over. Ultimate Chicken Horse and Crawl are two of my favorites.

Me: Lol I’m a PC gamer. It’s easier since my mom hates me being in the living room hah. Have you guys signed many boobs?

Lance: If you’re PC you should look into those two games. I’m single so I’ll sign boobs all day long as long as they’re over 18 and under 37.

Me: I will. Lol that’s amazing, but how many chicks actually ask you to sign boobs?

Lance: Not as many as you think. Once a tour maybe. And honestly they are usually boobs I don’t want to sign :’D

Me: Awww. So you mentioned you like anime, do you play games with the anime aesthetic or do you actually watch anime shows?

Lance: I don’t really play games with the anime aesthetic. A few here and there. The only one that sticks out to me is the game Catherine. That was such a good game! I like all your typical amimes. Grew up on Dragonball Z. I’m liking the new Dragonball Super. Deathnote and Attack on Titan are two favs. One Punch Man, Gurren Lagann, and the Devil is a Part Timer are some good ones too.

Me: I actually have a Deathnote poster and a Fairytale poster. You also mentioned being an actor of sorts. Is acting a second passion?

Lance: Oh no way! I only said that ’cause that’s what being on stage feels like for me. I couldn’t even star in a C rate horror flick. Hell even porn stars have better acting chops than I do.

Me: Really, I have seen some really bad acted porn. Also Are you a horror fan?

Lance: Sure am.

Me: What are your favorite movies?

Lance: There’s a movie that’s pretty recent called The Void. It’s a great throwback to cheesy 80s creature flicks.

Me: Do you like space movies?

Lance: Some of them. I saw the most recent Alien movie. Kinda cool. Probably going to watch Life tonight actually.

Me: Cool! I like any outer space horror movie, I highly suggest Event Horizon.

Lance: That’s a classic, love that movie.

Me: Me too, I’ve seen it 4 times.

Hey guys, sorry for the abrupt stop to the interview. This interview was longer than any other interview I’ve done and done differently from what I’m used to, interviewing lance is easily one of my favorite interviews. Did you catch me doing a little flirty flirt? Anyways I hoped you enjoyed this interview. Follow me for some more interviews and little things on music, go fallow Lance and his band and have a great day!

Lance’s instagram
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From Ashes to New – Breaking now (Music Video)
From Ashes to New – Through it all (Music Video)
From Ashes to New – Stay this way (Music Video)
From Ashes to New – Lost and Alone (Music Video)


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