Bonding over music

I’m a person who has an intense love of music, I’m always listening to music. I’m always writing music, I have a lot of friends who are musicians. Hell I have this blog that’s about music related things. One of the things that really makes or breaks a friendship is our playlists. I have made friends just because we bonded over a band or several bands. I have ended up leaving a conversation with a list of band suggestions. Something I have noticed that people are surprised about is that outside the internet and school, no one really cares about who or what is on your playlist. People don’t assume what kind of music you like based on what you look like. I have met people who work at the library who are hardcore metalheads. I bonded with my now best friend over different bands we liked, I even had him talking about being a metal head on my youtube channel. But why do we bond over music? With me, music is a bridge, if you like the same music as me you might have a similar past, or even deal with similar things as me. Like personally I deal with a lot of self doubt, self hatred, and I tend to bully myself. When I meet people they tend to deal with the same things. When I was growing up I was bullied and had a lot of dark thoughts. A lot of the people who I bond over music still have dark thoughts or had dark thoughts at one point. Music is a good way to tell someone’s story. To tell someones personality. Someone’s most listened to song can tell a lot of what someone is going through and you can sympathize or even bond with them.


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