How music helped me pt.1

Music helps the pain. I moved to a new place about 2 months ago. I grew up in this little suburb. All my memories are there, good and bad. Even thought I am working to create new memories here, it’s hard not to think about everything my life once was. The happy and the bad. Sometimes you just need a good cry. Sometimes you match songs to memories. I have a youtube channel so a lot of songs are attached to my old apartment. I can’t help but think about everything. A lot of these thoughts are at night. If you don’t know, I have a very hard time sleeping. I have insomnia and I don’t really like taking sleeping pills. So I tend to let my mind wonder. I think about all my memories. When I put on my headphones I hear songs and match them to memories, I can’t help it, I can’t help but think about when I first heard the song, how the song has helped me, what I was going through when I first started listening to the song. Before I know it I’m crying waterfalls missing my old apartment. Even if I discovered a song while living in this apartment I can’t help but connect it to my old apartment. Don’t get me wrong this place is great and I made some amazing friends, but I can’t help but miss my old apartment. I can’t help but miss the people who I met there. The people I got to know there. My friend once told me those memories should be cherished not mourned, I feel like I do both, I cherish them, but I can’t help but mourn the past. I made friends there just like I made friends here, I made memories there like I made memories here, but there’s so much more back where I came from, summer traditions… Music has helped me deal with losing that part of my life.


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