How I get Interviews

I’ve been asked a lot how I get my interviews, sometimes people who don’t run a blog, website, or magazine, but sometimes by people who do, so for those people who want to bring interviewing into their blogs, websites, and magazines, I’m about to share my secrets. When I started doing interviews I began looking at their social medias, a lot of bands keep their contact information on their pages. If they don’t have an email on their social media, check the bands official website, they sometimes have an email there, if not, try finding people who do know their contact information, be it friends, or other fans. I highly suggest have an email specifically for whatever you’re doing, I would also suggest having official in the email, to show you take yourself seriously, when I first started doing interviews I used this email I made when I was 14. Now I used, and I get a lot more replies now that I use that email instead of the one I made when I was 14. When emailing whoever you want to interview, be sure to be professional, but not too professional, I backed out of interviews when they seemed a little too professional, I’m not saying don’t ever do a professional interview, if you want to, go ahead, but as a 16 year old doing interviews it’s a little out of my league. Don’t go jumping to big league bands either, they will probably look you over unless you’re semi-major blogs, magazines, or websites, focus on smaller bands, not just because they’re more likely to respond, also because they really appreciate the fact people care enough to interview them. I’m not saying don’t try larger more famous people at all, like I got to interview Lance Dowdle of From Ashes to New and Reid Henry of Never say Die and My Darkest Days, but don’t put all your eggs in a basket with the really big artists. Don’t worry if they don’t reply right away, they’re musicians, they’re often really busy people, but don’t hold yourself up when no one ever replies back, I have been stood up by several bands, don’t let it hit you too hard. Last but not least, ask questions you want to know about, stay away from questions about their sex life unless they say it’s okay to ask about it then go ahead, but try to keep the topic on what they do. That’s all the tips I have I hope this helped.


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