Chester Bennington’s Death

I was iffy on writing this post. 1.) People would say that I was using his death to get views on my blog. 2.) Chester was my hero and I don’t want to add to the hundreds of painful posts. I had to write this, I don’t want my thoughts to be unheard on this. Chester was found hung by an employee. I don’t know what was going through his mind, or why he did it, I just know it happened. There is some part of me that wishes this is all a VERY sick prank on us. I highly doubt it though. I wish I would have had the chance to tell Chester how he has changed my life, my whole world, how without him I would never have gotten into music as much as I am. He inspired me to try starting my own rap rock band. I remember listening to Linkin Park with my dad while driving to pick my mom up from school. I remember the first Linkin Park song I ever heard, What I’ve Done. I’m so sorry for the people directly affected by this, Chester’s wife, kids, his band mates, and his friends. It’s hitting the fanbase so hard, I can’t even imagine what those people who were close to this man felt. I wish there was more to know about this, I wish I knew why, I wish I knew things were that bad for him. I know that his friend’s suicide hit him like a wrecking ball, but no one saw this coming… I’m thinking about doing the rest of the month’s posts honoring Chester. Talking about how each song has helped me, maybe featuring some fanart. I hope you guys are coping as well as possible.


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