Nicest bands and Musicians (That I’ve met)

I have been interviwewin bands and musicians for a bit. So I thought I would share the nicest ones that I’ve met. 

5.) Lance Dowdle

Lance stands in 5th place which isn’t that bad. He was seriously one of my favorite people tovinterview because he inspired me to learn guitar. He also talked to me on SnapChat. He is really sweet and posted on of my fanarts. He was super relatable and super nerdy deep down. He is really awesome about getting back to people on social media and posting Fanart about him. 

4.) Hailsagan

Hailsagan is in 4th place because they reply to comments and people who comment on their Insta-Stories. I messaged them for advice on playing live. They went out of their way to give me advice. They’re always polite and look out for their fans and other musicians. 

3.) Halocene

Halocene is in 3rd place because they were super sweet when I interviewed them and I seriously loved interviewing them because they were so detailed and it was great. They also reply to my snapchats and gave me music video advice. They also are so sweet when it comes to people with low self esteem. I commented how much I wished I was as pretty as Addie without make up and they assured me I was. 

2.) The Stranges

The stranges are in second place because they are so sweet to their fans, the even gave one fan permission to make a fanmade video game for them which I am SO excited for. The stranges are always getting back to fan’s comments on their posts and hyping them up.

1.) DagWagon (Don’t hate that I put my best friend in this)

My best friend is in first place because he is always looking out for others. He isn’t afraid of speaking his mind and he kind of saved my life. Outside of that he wants to help other musicians as well.


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