Addie Amick Interview 2 (Music Videos)

Hey guys, it’s me Morgan. I got another interview with the lovely and talented Addie Ammick from the band Halocene. I asked her some questions about recording music videos. If you don’t know Halocene is a band that posts videos every Friday and they’re all music videos. So I figured who better to ask these questions to. Here’s the interview…

Question 1.) What was it like recording your first Music video?

Addie: Our first ever music video was for our song “Secret.” It actually started from the concept of our photo shoot, which was a girly slumber party with the guys all dressed in girl pajamas. We bought all the stuff from Wal-Mart and figured we might as well make a music video with it too!

Question 2.) Was your first music video professionally done or was it just you
and some friends?

Addie:We had different members back then, and our bassist at the time had a camera and was starting out in videography. It definitely wasn’t professional at all, but for back then it was a pretty good music video for an unsigned band! Our video for “Sometimes” was filmed and edited by our friend Jeremy Tremp, and everything since then has either been completely filmed and edited by us, or we paid someone to film and we would edit it.

Question 3.) Since you guys do a lot of cover music videos, do you watch the original ones for inspiration or do you guys just go with your gut?

Addie: Pretty much everything we’ve learned on a technical level has just come from experimentation. We have a cheap high powered beam light that we recently started shining directly into the camera, which creates some really cool lens flares. When it comes to themes and concepts, we are limited due to our rigorous upload schedule.

Question 4.) Do you have music video ideas that are too big for your budget?

Addie: Definitely! I think even being able to film at different locations would add so much to the videos. But that costs money and time we just don’t have when we also have to compose, record, and edit the videos all within the week. Also just having a real lighting set would be amazing. Sometimes we’re hand operating lights and fog machines which can be quite difficult haha.

Question 5.) Do you go shopping for clothes special for the music video or do you just go through your closet and come up with one of your outfits?

Addie: Unless we have a specific concept in mind, like with “Heathens,” the guys mostly just dress as they please. I try and cater my hair, makeup, and clothes to the vibe of the song, usually it’s with stuff I already have. But I do have a more selective eye for things that would look good on video when I’m out shopping.

Question 6.) What was your favorite music video to record? I personally love your Solo Dance video.

Addie: Thank you so much! That one was pretty fun. I would say Heathens was the most fun, mostly because I think we knew we were doing something special and the footage turned out as great as we’d imagined. Also, Brad and I had a lot of fun acting as Harley and the Joker.

Question 7.) How do you plan a music video?

Addie: For some videos, we’ll write down a bunch of shots we want to collect, sometimes with time stamps of when these shots should occur. While other videos we’ll just show up on our black backdrop and mess with lighting until we get something unique and interesting. It really depends!

Question 8.) Do you have any advice to people who want to record a music video and have no clue where to start?

Addie: When we have a song or cover finished, I’ll play the song, close my eyes and envision what that song feels like. What colors do you see? Does the song feel hectic and energetic? That’s what your camera should be doing. I don’t think we’re anywhere near where we want to be yet on our video quality but we’re working on it and learning as we go!

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview. You should go follow Addie and Halocene on their social medias and subscribe to them on YouTube.

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