Interview with Stef Huschka

Hi guys, it’s Morgan and I am back with another interview. This time with Stef from City of the Weak. They’re an Amazing band so I was really excited to get to interview her. So, here it is…

Me: What was the first moment that you realized that you were meant to make music?

Stef: Honestly, I was so young it’s hard to remember if there was a specific moment at all. For as long as I can remember I’ve been writing music & stories, all the way back to kindergarten. When I was in kindergarten I was pretty far ahead of the other kids, so I got exempt from lots of the normal assignments. My teacher at the time encouraged writing & creativity, so she let me write books instead. I don’t remember what I wrote my books about, but I can see a vision of this one yarn-bound book in front of me that I had drawn a lion on the cover of. So even as a small child, before I had discovered music I was still writing books & illustrating them since I was 5. I think just as I got older and more aware of the world, it evolved into writing songs instead of stories.

Me: I love your outfits so much, where do you get your clothes?

Stef: Thanks! I like to make sure my style is unique to me, so I get my clothes from lots of different places! I have some thrift shop pieces, lots of basics are from the average mall stores(American Apparel, H&M, Garage), but my favorite pieces that I have are from N.R.T. Fashions. She custom makes each piece to fit me PERFECTLY, and her clothes are just so high fashion meets rock ‘n roll. I feel like my ass should be walking the red carpet every time I wear N.R.T.!

Me: If you could tour with any bands, who would you tour with?

Stef: I would tour with Halestorm & Avenged Sevenfold. Halestorm because I would LOVE watching such an amazing live band every night. Everything about them is a class act, not only can they play their instruments, but they really OWN them. So many rock acts today can barely play their instruments or are not able to sing their songs live, but Halestorm is just true talent in and out. They work hard at what they do, and it really shows. No matter who you are, you got nothin’ on goddamn Lzzy Hale. That girl can fuckin’ SING. Avenged Sevenfold because they are one of the biggest metal acts in the world right now. I saw them play a super intimate show @ First Avenue last summer (capacity 1500) and it was absolutely crazy! Nothing like a great rock ‘n roll show to get you excited about life.

Me: What is your favorite part of touring?

Stef: Seeing old friends & meeting new ones. Every single day is an adventure, and I love never knowing what’s going to happen.

Me: Do you have any funny tour stories?

Stef: It’s hard to think back among 20 tours and pick out a single story.. everything becomes such a blur! Our videographer over at Glam Tie Media released a tour video this week from our “Ungrateful” Tour, & he captured some really great moments! You can check it out HERE:

Me: Would you ever want to do a duet with another musician, if so, who would you want to duet with?

Stef: The closest I’ve gotten to a duet so far is being featured in other bands’ songs. I’ve never really thought about it, honestly. I make sure that everything I do musically happens for a reason. I’ve never really had an appropriate opportunity for one, but if I did I would obviously take it. I think Ronnie Radke and I would make for a cool duet. He is full of attitude & I LOVE that.

Me: I love your song Censor This, what inspired it?

Stef: We were sick of being told what to do by so many people. We were tired of trying to fit a mold that we didn’t belong in. We were annoyed with people trying to squash who we were as individuals and as artists. One day, we just said “f**k it.” Let’s just do what we want to do. F**k everyone else. We started this band because we wanted to have a voice that mattered. We wanted to be able to speak to people from the heart, and empower them to live their lives how they want. So we decided to practice what we preach, and we spoke from the heart on this one. We decided to be honest. We decided to write songs about how we really feel, not how people tell us we should feel. We will always be trailblazers, because following others doesn’t work for us.

Me: What is your favorite song to play live?

Stef: That’s a hard question to answer because every day is a different day, & every song resonates differently with each audience. Maybe if I had to pick.. “Just Another Eulogy” ? Because FUCK is my favorite word & I love giving the audience a huge middle finger during that song. Rock ‘n roll for the win!

Me: What was your first time on stage like? Where your nervous, scared, or excited?

Stef: I’ve been performing since I was 5, I was in a kids’ choir. I’ve always been really nervous when I go on stage, & I still do before most shows. I care about each and every performance- every show is THE show for us. We want every single person who ever sees us to get our very best.

Me: Do you have any advice for young musicians just starting out?

Stef: Work your ass off. There is no substitute for hard work.

It was really exciting to get the chance to interview such a talented musician. I hope you all liked this interview and liked the questions I asked and you better have liked her answers.

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