About Morgan!

Hi! I’m Morgan! I’m a 17 year old Musician and writer. I absolutely love music and anything that has to do it, hence, WHY I started this blog. To talk about my life as an Alternative, fangirl. I interview bands I love and respect, and I also talk about the down and dirty about this business. I also go full on fangirl talking about fanfiction, fanart, and naughty fan fiction. I love video games, my favorite is Fallout 3, but I also like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Forza Horizon, F.E.A.R. I like to draw and I’m learning how to get better so I can become a tattoo artist. I talk a lot about my friend and I made a whole page for my friend so I don’t have to explain him every post. Well that’s all you need to know about me.